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Bright Cleaning Services New Britain CT

Bright Cleaning home and business cleaning service New Britain CT

Regular cleaning (weekly, biweekly, monthly)
All room (including bedrooms and bathrooms)

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust baseboards, light fixture, pictures window sills, light fixture, picture, mirrors,  and ceiling fans, shelves, mental, and any other horizontal surfaces
  • Polish wood furniture
         If any piece of furniture should not be polish or you have special product for particular furniture, please inform us about it before                      cleaning.
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Wash the floors

Wood floors not always should be washed, and there are many different way of washing woods floors, so clients should specify their need about the wood floors.

Natural stone titles also could have specific ways of cleaning it, depending what kind of natural stone they are made of and client also should specify their specific needs.

Ceramic titles floors usually could be wash by any product, but if the a client has any preferences, it should be specified.

Remove trashes from a trash can around the house
  • Any paper laying on the pieces of furniture, even if they look unimportant we will leave it there if we don’t have other instruction about it ( we do not want to throw out what might be important to a client.)

  • Wash shower, shower doors, tub
  • Toilets
  • Sinks and a counters
  • Clean soap-holder and all appliances in the bathroom
  • Clean mirrors

  • Counters (including removing all appliances standing on a counter)
  • Clean outside of the oven and refrigerator and other appliances
  • Microwave inside and outside
  • Sink
        All the dirty dishes we put in the dishwasher if there is a space, washing dishes is not included in regular standard, but if you would              like to have them done, please notify Bright Cleaning Services employee or our office, and we will provide this service for you , please            be aware that it might require extra time)

  • Changing sheets ( replacement should be left on the bed or you can specify other arrangement about it)
  • Make bed if it is unmade

Regular service does not include lifting of item over 30lb, cleaning closets inside, dressers inside, cabinets inside, oven inside, refrigerators inside, any item from deep cleaning routine unless is specified and client will be aware that cleaning might take longer.

Additional service if needed:
  • Doing laundry
  • Helping with folding laundry
  • Ironing clothes
  • Organizing  and more

Deep Cleaning
Regular cleaning (applies to deep cleaning but every task will usually take more time that normal regular cleaning) and additional things such as:
   All Room (including bedrooms and bathrooms)

  • Washing all the doors and frame windows
  • Washing windows and window frames
  • Wash walls
  • Washing shelves with books ( book could be taking off, dusted as well as shelves)
  • Clean under the furniture ( we might move if it is not over 30 lb)
  • Wash baseboards very thoroughly
  • Dust :
         All pieces of furniture (polish if necessary)
         Ceiling fans
         Light fixture

  • Clean inside of the oven and refrigerator
  • Cabinets inside our outside

  • Clean inside the closets

Client can choose from all those points what the priority for this particular deep cleaning is.

Moving out/in cleaning
All room (including bedrooms and bathrooms)

  • Closet inside
  • Closet shelves
  • Wash windows and window frames
  • Wash all the doors and door frames
  • Clean baseboards very thoroughly
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust:
        Ceiling fans
  • Vacuumed and wash the floors
  • Take trashes around the house

  • Wash shower, shower doors, tub, toilet, and sink
  • Clean sop-holder and all appliances in the bathroom

  • Clean very thoroughly outside and inside of the oven and refrigerator
  • Cabinets inside our outside
  • Microwave inside and outside
  • Clean sink

Client can choose from all those points what the priority for this particular moving out/in cleaning is.

Cleaning after Contraction:
Standard is the same as deep cleaning, but old grease, and old dust is not present in new contractions; but we anticipate a lot of construction dust, so our focus is on washing this dust on all surfaces around the house, on vacuuming and washing floor (it might require washing the same floor about 2-4 times)

Green environmental cleaning:
All standards are the same, except save environmental products are used for cleaning the houses.  Bright Cleaning Services offers this option for anyone who feels that this type of cleaning should be applied in the house.

Cleaning products options:
A client has a choice using our products offered by Bright Cleaning Services, or their own cleaning products. When using their own products, we have a basic list of the supplies we need. Bright Cleaning Services understands that client could have own preferences due to their medical condition, allergies, or simply point of view about the subject.  Bright Cleaning Services always respect a client request- request of the client should be simply specified.