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Over 25 Years Experience Specializing in Residential Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Non-Medical Care
Bright Cleaning Specializes in High Quality Cleaning Solutions

Call Bright Cleaning Services today. Our knowledgeable personnel will answer any questions or schedule a time to get a free estimate. We will assess your situation and offer our expertise on the best way to address your cleaning needs. Our consultants are trained in all of our services and products.

Whether dealing with general cleaning, stone work, tiles, carpeting or other scenarios like moving or construction. We have the ability to deal with any cleaning issue that you have. We know we can handle it and we know that you will be satisfied.

Experience that Ensures Results

Bright Cleaning Services has over two decades of experience in offering professional cleaning services in Greater Connecticut. We leverage that experience to bring the best services and solutions to our clients. Our service portfolio includes professional cleaning services, deep cleaning services, cleaning after moving, cleaning after construction and non-medical care. This covers carpets, floors, walls, furniture and assistance and services for those unable to take care of themselves. We offer environmentally friendly cleaning products for those that prefer a “Green” solution.

Our focus is on helping you with the things, you don’t have time to do, things you don’t know how to do, don’t have the equipment to do correctly or are unable to perform due to age, illness or injury. We are there for you.

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Our business conduct is as reputable as our services. We invite you to see what our satisfied customers have said.

We are Licensed, Insured and Bonded - We Protect You and Your Home

We treat each and every home as though it were our own. We understand that your house is more than just another building to be cleaned. It is your home. Therefore, you have high standards and high expectations…and so do we…

In order to meet our own high standards we hire the best people, train them extensively and use only the highest quality products. We pay close attention to every detail when cleaning your home. Even with this high level of service, we offer competitive rates and provide free estimates.

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